10x36 Layout
Our layouts come in several sizes, this being the smallest. These are the perfect one man "4-wheeler" for the swamp! 10x36, 12x36, and 14x36 models available in standard layouts. See our Gator Fat series for wider applications.
Low Profile
All Gator Trax layouts have this low profile. Remember, the purpose of these layouts is to remain LOW, concealed, and to hunt laying down if possible. Seats can be placed to fish from, but benches may be intrusive to your laying down to hunt. Whatever your situation, we can design the boat to fit YOU!
Airboat Rake
As always, the airboat style rake is present on ANY hull we make! It is even more important on smaller crafts like these to keep them from plowing water instead of planning.

Stability, No Extra Charge!
This is our smallest layout, a 10x36, and it is obviously stable. Our larger models are even more so. Standing in these hulls is not a problem. Great for a use with large, rambunctious labs!
Stability on Deck
This 12x36 is pictured with 200lbs of weight on the front deck. No problem! Unless your lab is over 200lbs, he has a spot to sit! Also makes a great place for decoys during transport when the bow rails are added.
14x36 Layout
This hull was designed with flotation. Our layouts, like our normal line of Gator Trax hulls, can be ordered either with or without flotation. The flotation can be placed under the deck, floors, and benches, or the deck, floors, and rear boxes, or exterior pods. Let us know what works best for YOU!

10x48 Gator Fat
Now, you can get our layouts in a wider version! Our 36" models were originally designed to hunt laying down. Only problem was, with two people, you had to face each other. But with the Gator Fat series, you can both lay shoulder to shoulder and face the same direction while hunting.
14x48 Gator Fat
This hull was designed with an open floor plan. This hull will serve great as a hunting OR fishing boat. It will perform with a Mud Buddy OR a small outboard.
14x36 Rigged Out!
Customize your layout boat just like you would any other boat we make.

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