gator trax boats

Pro-Drive Motors
Shallow Water Outboards

In the deepest, darkest swamps of the world,
sometimes all you can find are
a few
Building dream boats one at a time!
Pro-drive motors are built to tackle
the though jobs and extreme environments
that hunters and fishermen

Don't settle for a lesser boat!!

Pro-Drive--the convenience of an outboard
and the versatility of a mud motor!


     When I hunted from  my first Gator Trax boat, I knew I had found the best duck boat I would ever own. Duck hunting in shallow, rough conditions is where these boats stand out. Mud, stumps, cypress knees and heavy vegetation are just a fun challenge for you and your GATOR TRAX. An outstanding boat deserves an outstanding motor. That motor is PRO-DRIVE . Taking you where only long shaft mud motors could go in the past and beyond. PRO-DRIVE is built rock solid and is the easiest mud motor to run on the market today. When you look at the quality of the components that make up the PRO-DRIVE, you will be sold on them too.
    We would like to invite you to the Mississippi Delta for a test drive.


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